10 Problems Only Extreme Couponers Face And How Spendwitty Takes Care Of Them All

If you’re a Chicagoland coupon clipper you’re going to love SpendWitty. You’ll enjoy all the money-saving benefits of couponing coupled with the convenience of mobile shopping. Take a look at these 10 problems only a serious couponer would understand and see how SpendWitty eliminates all of them.

Problem #1: You’re driving in your car and you just realized you forgot your coupon. You always have your smartphone right? Use the SpendWitty App

Problem #2: You’re driving around looking for a place to eat and you’re trying to find out who has the best deals. But you don’t have a coupon. Find local places to eat with the SpendWitty app.

Problem #3: You have a pocket full of crinkled up coupons. What’s fun about that?

Problem #4: You have to keep track of all your spending by receipts. But what if there was an app that kept track of all your spending for you? Track your total savings from purchasing from our vendors within the SpendWitty app. See how much you can save!

Problem #5: Without pulling through tons of value packs for the best oil change prices, you can browse through the SpendWitty app based on your location and redeem deals through your mobile device.

Problem #6: Quality service and the best deals just don’t match up. An extreme couponers love to save deals isn’t requited love. SpendWitty prides itself on loyalty. We only have vetted and qualified vendors who appreciate member loyalty. In return, we partner with only 1 unique supplier in the area.

Problem #7: Looking to have a few rooms painted but don’t know who to call? Want a guy at a fair price, search the SpendWitty APP.

Problem #8: It’s cold outside and your looking to have a fire, but comparing 3 vendors for firewood delivery is not the best use of your time.  Use the SpendWitty APP to get wood delivered and stacked for a great price.

Problem #9: That door just won’t close properly and time to find a guy or get it down just isn’t on your side. Don’t worry, search the SpendWitty APP for a handyman and your door will be like new in no time.

Problem #10:  Your school is trying to raise money but the same old wrapping paper fundraiser just isn’t cutting it anymore. Use the referral program from SpendWitty to help raise the funds needed.

Coupon clippers are always on the look out for the best deal, and you won’t find any better local deals than at SpendWitty. Download the app today and start saving!

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