Enjoy Discount Shopping And Support Local Businesses With The New SpendWitty App

SpendWitty  is the new discount shopping app you’ve been waiting for – whether you’re a consumer or a vendor. Inspired by the need for a discount program that can keep up with today’s mobile and social society, SpendWitty builds repeat business for local vendors and assures consumers of the highest quality goods and services.


How It Works

Unlike other discount programs that require you to make the purchase ahead of time and either print coupons or present them in person, SpendWitty takes discount shopping fully mobile. Using the SpendWitty app, mobile device users can find local service providers who are offering great deals and have already been vetted by the SpendWitty membership.

Users can search for a vendor or service provider by:

  • Keyword search
  • Geographic proximity
  • Categories such as restaurants, home services, auto, health, and entertainment.

Once you find your deal, head to the store! The app’s IBeacon technology and Bluetooth function alert the business owner that you are there for your SpendWitty deal the moment you walk in the door. SpendWitty members can “check-in” with the vendor without any physical or verbal exchange. You’ll be in and out with your deal before you know it!

Vendors Have To Earn Their Place

Thanks to the membership rating features of the app, members are assured of getting a quality vendor at a great price. Vendors are not charged to participate in SpendWitty, but they can be removed from the app’s service categories if they fail to provide top-quality service. This feature ensures that our members receive the best service in any given category.

Yes, There Is A Membership Fee

The biggest question we get is “Why do I have to pay for this app?” We want to address this question upfront.

We charge our members because we do not want to take revenue from local small businesses, which make up our primary vendors. All pre-bought discount platforms on the market today charge vendors around $0.75 on the dollar for their service. That means if a customer buys a $20 coupon for $10, the vendor ends up with $5. This type of service is unsustainable and quality vendors do not participate.

By not charging our vendors, we are able to attract vendors who will not compromise on quality or service just to gain a few one-time buyers. In turn, they can offer better deals to our members, more frequently – assuring our members a very healthy ROI on their membership dues.


SpendWitty Connects Local Buyers And Businesses To Foster Growth

Membership dues don’t just support SpendWitty operations. They are helping to create a community of buyers and support a growing local network of service providers who are evaluated for quality service by your fellow members. If a vendor provides poor service, doesn’t fulfill the deal or is rude to customers, we’ll hear about it and they won’t be featured on SpendWitty anymore. This protects the entire SpendWitty membership from unsatisfactory services and helps bolster merchant-customer relationships. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships between local small businesses and the people who live nearby.


Try SpendWitty For Free

We are so certain you’ll love SpendWitty that we are offering a free two-month trial of the app. Use the code DG500 to gain access to app for free trial.

Download the app right now:

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Start spending smarter with SpendWitty today!