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Whether you are looking for a place to eat, a car wash, a painter or anything you buy locally – search the SpendWitty App & you will quickly find a qualified local vendor at great price. To redeem the SpendWitty price, just walk in the store or make a call to your local serviceman with the SpendWitty code.

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Local Vendors

Make the most of your purchases with local vendors – save money on the products and services you already use. You will not be overwhelmed with deals you don’t need or from vendors that make redemption nearly impossible.

No Cost To You

Enjoy all of the best deals SpendWitty has to offer, completely free of charge. No membership levels, no premium content — just all of the vendor benefits, passed directly to you.

Refer & Enjoy

Refer your friends to SpendWitty and enjoy all of our benefits & savings as a group.


Join one of the fastest growing loyalty platforms and gain access to a holistic set of exclusive deals, right from your phone. Our unique approach to rewards/loyalty makes sense for both members and vendors.

Exclusive Local Deals

SpendWitty members can browse local deals, or search for deals based on location and type of service.

Spread The Love

Tell your friends and family about Spendwitty and share in the deals and the savings.

Hands-Free Savings

Get members-­only savings just by walking into participating locations — simply download the app, and shop at your favorite locations.

Absolutely Free

Simply download the app and enjoy. No fees or charges mean your only worry is what to do with all the money you’re saving.

Savings Tracker

Track your total savings from purchasing from our vendors within the SpendWitty app. See how much you can save!

Community Loyalty

When you save with SpendWitty, you are supporting your local small businesses.


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Vendor Benefits


We only have vetted and qualified vendors who appreciate member loyalty. In return, we partner with only 1 unique supplier in the area.

Manage Current Deals

Stay in control by managing current deals anywhere with an internet connection­­ right from the SpendWitty Vendor Portal.

Visitor Analytics

Use the SpendWitty Vendor Portal to track visitor data, such as in­–venue users, nearby users, member spend amount, and number of visitors.

Feedback Loop

Your unique Vendor Portal gives you access to actionable feedback data, such as user ­driven star-ratings and comments.

Vendor Support

Gain access to SpendWitty’s robust support platform and we’ll never leave you in the dark.

Vibrant Community

SpendWitty was founded on the principles of community and loyalty. We believe that our friendly community is our greatest asset­­ — use it.

About SpendWitty

Our mission is two‐fold: to save families money on the things that they care about, and to foster healthy communities by promoting loyalty among families and local businesses.

SpendWitty was designed to be the go-to mobile platform for the day-to-day needs of our members–be it travel, health, automotive, restaurant, or retail. We are driven solely to offer the best solution of its kind.

We only work with vendors who pledge to show appreciation for our members by making everyone’s membership buying experience as personable as possible. In return, we are striving to ensure that local communities and their vendors get a chance to prosper and promote themselves on a robust mobile platform, earning exclusivity to our members.

SpendWitty on iPhone 6

Savings Without The Hassle

SpendWitty is not your average loyalty program.

We are a loyalty platform that brings members and merchants together by merging multi-­vendor deals with cutting edge in­-store technology.

Members gain access to our vast network of local vendors, who activate new deals through the SpendWitty app. Vendors gain customer loyalty by consistently offering exclusive deals to SpendWitty members.

Two Ways to Redeem:

  1. In Store: Members search for service required either by location or category. Once you find what you need, simply walk into the vendor location and you will automatically obtain the deal.
  2. In Home: Members search for in home services required. Once they find the service the need and select redeem deal, they receive a code to redeem within their call for the service.

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